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Three Things To Never Do on Your First Day of Work

Jipijapa 7 July, 2022

You could consider your orientation day or the following day as your first day of work. Regardless, you should be aware of some important things to avoid doing on that special day. These are three things you should never do on the first day of work:

Never fall asleep on the job

Long orientation sessions can be anything but exciting. However, you will have to fight the urge to nap when all the unentertaining videos play. Corporations have to cover themselves by showing all the videos to new hires, and the new hires need to be alert enough to comprehend them well.

Don't complain about anything

Use all your strength to avoid complaining about anything during your first day at work. As a matter of fact, you should try not to complain about anything for an entire 90 days. The only exception is if you experience something so heinous that you can't ignore it. Businesses frown upon workers who complain, unfortunately. Even if you have a legitimate gripe, you stand the chance of being labeled as a problematic worker, and that label might last the duration of your employment there.

Don't be late or ask to leave early

One of the worst things you can do on the first day is show up late. If you can't show up on time for orientation, you may not show up on time for your regular shift. It's not uncommon for employers to terminate people who show up late.

Now, you may have a good reason for your late entrance, such as an unexpected traffic jam or an accident ahead of you. In that case, you should call the employer from where you're at to let them know you're running late. They may be understanding if you explain that the situation was beyond your control.

Be careful of the above-mentioned no-nos, and you'll do well on the job. Go in with a positive attitude, and everything will be lovely.